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Welcome to Bethel Hill Baptist Church

11:20 A.M. Sunday Mornings 

Archived Live Stream also available   

About "The  Church"

  • The Church is to teach biblical doctrine so we can be grounded in our faith. Ephesians 4:14 tells us, “Then we will no longer be infants, tossed back and forth by the waves, and blown here and there by every wind of teaching and by the cunning and craftiness of men in their deceitful scheming.

  • The Church is to be a place of fellowship, where Christians can be devoted to one another and honor one another (Romans 12:10), instruct one another (Romans 15:14), be kind and compassionate to one another (Ephesians 4:32), encourage one another (1 Thessalonians 5:11), and most importantly, love one another (1 John 3:11).

  •  The Church is called to be faithful in sharing the gospel through word and deed.

  • The Church is to be a “lighthouse” in the community, pointing people toward our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

  • The Church is to both promote the gospel and prepare its members to proclaim the gospel ( Acts 1:8 , Ephesians  4:12)

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Worship Times

Come Worship with Us!

Wednesday Night Bible Study:   6:30pm - 7:30pm

Sunday School: 10:00am - 11:00am

 Worship Service: 11:00am - 12:30pm

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Isaiah 26:3-4

3 You will keep him in perfect peace, Whose mind is stayed on You, Because he trusts in You. 

4 Trust in the Lord forever, For in Yah, the Lord, is everlasting strength.

  We were created by God to worship Him. All that we did was to be directed towards him. But instead of coming under full submission to God's authority, humans (We, all of us) turned away from God in sinful rebellion (Genesis 3:1-7; Isaiah 53:6) .Pain, suffering, death and sorrow to name a few happened because of us.


  For now "all sin and fall short of the glory of God." Human beings, because of the great fall, are sinners by nature and by choice (Ephesian 2:1-3). Non of us truly think of ourselves as that bad or sinful. Someone is always worse than I am, we say. But in reality this view only shows our true lack of understanding of how our sinfulness is committed towards a Holy, Perfect God. 

  The realities of eternal damnation, eternal hell, and eternal punishment are frightening and disturbing. But it is good that we might, indeed, be terrified. While this may sound grim, there is good news. God loves us (John 3:16) and wants us to be saved from hell (2 Peter 3:9). But because God is also just and righteous, He cannot allow our sin to go unpunished. Someone has to pay for it. In His great mercy and love, God provided His own payment for our sin. He sent His Son Jesus Christ to pay the penalty for our sins by dying on the cross for us. Jesus’ death (because He is the infinite God/man), paid our sin debt, so that we would not have to pay it in hell for eternity (2 Corinthians 5:21). If we admit our sinfulness  and place our faith in Christ, asking for God’s forgiveness based on Christ’s sacrifice, we are saved, forgiven, cleansed, and promised an eternal home in heaven. God loved us so much that He provided the means for our salvation, but if we reject His gift of eternal life, we will face the eternal consequences of that decision.

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